BEZ038 Coarse Knurled Bezel - PVD Black

BEZ038 Coarse Knurled Bezel - PVD Black

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Coarse Knurled Bezel in PVD Black. 

These bezels have deep and coarse knurling for extra grip when turning your bezel.

With notches for 120 clicks machined into the underside, this bezel is uni-directional just like the original Seiko SKX007 Bezel.

This bezel is made from 316: surgical-grade stainless steel and comes with a bezel gasket pre-installed. Depending on the case you are using, the bezel gasket plays a huge role in ensuring you have satisfying bezel action.

Appropriately lubricating your bezel gasket and installing it right is also of high importance.

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