DIA044 Sterile Black Dial in 6105-8110 Style

Mod Mode Watches

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At Mod Mode Watches, we believe in making modding accessible.

With the popularity of this style of indices, we spoke to our people to make sure we had an option priced at the accessible end so everyone can have a taste without breaking the bank for their first mod.

Sterile black dial in the style of the classic 6105-8110 with green lumed indices.

This dial comes with feet for the 4:08 crown position. Hence if you want to use it with NH35 / NH36 / 4r36 / 6r15 etc, you'll need to clip off the dial feet and secure the dial with either dial dots or replacement dial feet.

Please enquire with us if you are unsure about this process and we'll be happy to walk you through each step.

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