FKM Rubber Strap for SKX007 style cases - Orange

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What do you need to attach a watch head to your wrist? A strap.

What kind of strap do you need? 

Functional, comfortable, durable, provide good value and of course they need to look good!

These FKM Rubber Straps do that, and more.

Our FKM straps are hypoallergenic and are made to stand the test of time. 

Soft to the touch, yet tough against whatever you can throw at it in your day-to-day use.

Each strap comes with a quality folding clasp with 3 micro adjustments and 2 fat springbars.



Width: 22 mm tapered to 18 mm at clasp
Length: 80mm on one end, 95mm on the other 
Strap material:  FKM rubber
End link: Curved Ends with embedded polymer tube for improved security and stability
Buckle type: 18mm 316L Stainless Steel Folding Clasp
Designed to fit: Mod Mode Watches SKX replacement
 cases, SKX007, SKX009, SKX Style Mod Cases from most major mod part stores

Mod Mode Watches SKX Replacement cases will work with this strap.

For the Seiko 5 SRPDxx series, we recommend either using stock Seiko springbars or bent springbars.



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