I want to know...

1. What are my shipping and delivery options?
Check out our Shipping and Delivery page.
2. Where can I get more detailed information?
Speak to us directly @ModModeWatches via the following channels or follow our latest updates
3. What currency are your items in?
4. I would like to build my first watch - HELP!?!
Speak to us via Facebook, Instagram or email if you would like assistance to clarify if certain parts will fit your dream build.
It is our mission to help every modder - regardless of experience, have a smooth modding journey and to enter THE #MODMODE.
5. Can someone help build a watch for me?
Watch this space for more information.
6. Can I get a ready-to-wear watch? 
Custom builds are available for sale sporadically.
Alternatively, commissioned jobs are also available upon request. Drop us an email!
7. Taxes and Duties
All taxes and duties levied by respective countries / territories / jurisdictions outside of Singapore are not included in the sale price of ModModeWatches.com and will be borne by the buyer as charged by the respective tax authorities. 
We are not able to under-declare invoices and invoices / receipts will be provided in an accurate manner as required by respective tax authorities and regulations.