CRN010 SKX007 Matte Black Coin-Edged Crown with Red S

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Black-coloured 316L Stainless Steel Screw-Drown Red S Crown for SKX007 size with Coin Edge and in Matte Finish.

This threaded screw-down crown comes with 3 gaskets (YES! THREE!) over the single gasket on the stock crown.

Two gaskets sit on the stem tube and a third is at the base of the crown, bringing the rating to 200m of water resistance if properly used and lubricated.

Each crown comes with a stem that needs to be cut to size based on the case and movement it is being used for.

The stems work perfectly with the NH35, NH36, 4R36 and 6R15 movements as well as the stock 7S26, 7S36, 4R36 movements.


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