DIA106 - Minute Track Dial - Lumed

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So you've got the perfect case, the perfect hands, the perfect skeleton movement.

Or maybe you just want a simple watch that showcases the inner workings.

However after you built the watch, you realised that the plastic spacer ring (Grey / Black for NH series movements) is now visible and unsightly!

These flat 28.5mm minute track dials answer that question!

These Minute Track Dials come with dial feet for the 3:00 crown position and will fit the standard NH-series movement spacers without any modification necessary.

If you prefer to use the 3:45 crown position, simply clip the dial feet and realign with dial dots or similar products.

The DIA106 Lumed Minute Track dial comes with the 12 key indices coated with green lume compound.

Suitable movements include NH35, NH36, NH38, NH70, NH71, NH72, 4R35, 4R36, 6R15, 6R35.

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