MVT011 Seiko Instruments Inc NH34 Movement

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Seiko Instruments Inc / Time Module Inc NH34 / NH34A movement with date and GMT complication.

This is a 4R34 used in the SSK001 / SSK003 / SSK005 Seiko 5 Sports GMT but without the branded rotor. 

Each movement comes with the dummy stem & crown plus an additional threaded and uncut stem.

Each movement also comes with a metal spacer provided - to be installed between the movement and the dial. Please refer to attached graphic for details - the convex side should face down, concave up.

Please do not lose the spacer as we are not able to provide spares. Each movement will come with the spacer and spare stem enclosed as seen in the pictures.

Reason why we won't cut the stem for you - crowns and cases come in all shapes and dimensions. If we pre-cut the stems for you, it might fit one case but not another.

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